What Does Florence Nightingale Have in Common with Healing Touch?

IMG_0866Florence Nightingale believed in assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself and touch (the human touch) was a major component in her work! She was the forerunner of treating patients as a “whole”, which is holistic.

Energy Medicine, which has been utilized in most cultures for thousands of years, has many different modalities. Our Native Americans see the power of nature in healing. The Chinese utilized energy medicine 2500-5000 years ago.

Healing Touch is a non-invasive, heart-centered approach to enabling the individual to balance, center and re-energize the parts of the body, mind and spirit that are causing some type of symptom, issue or problem.

The human energy field or biofield (which was named by Hippocrates) and the major energy centers of chakras are the main focus of Healing Touch which utilizes the use of the human touch.

I find the work fascinating, fun and most rewarding for not only the patient/client but also for me!

by Linda Hall

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