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You’ve probably seen the statistics — the rate of obesity in the United States is hovering around 30%. Even those of us who are not obese will find that the lifestyle of our youth no longer yields the same results. As our hormones change, our metabolism follows suit. Often, we become thicker in the middle. We may weigh exactly the same as we have for years, but our shape is changing. Besides our clothes not fitting, this thickness in the middle is not healthy.

It’s human nature to cringe at the mention of weight loss. Even the slimmest, healthiest-looking person has something he or she would like to work on. So why are we cringing? Because each of us has a story regarding body image and how it affects self-esteem, which affects confidence, which affects success and happiness. Our story may include many past failed attempts at weight loss, and self-sabotaging patterns which leave us feeling even lower than before we tried to lose weight. In short, we just don’t really believe anything will work.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” you may be thinking, “but first let me just finish this chocolate bunny,”

All kidding aside, everyone can benefit from leading a healthier lifestyle, whether or not it includes weight loss.

Are you still cringing? Okay, let me approach this topic from another angle. What if we first add things instead of subtracting them? Why not add more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to your plate, and give yourself the gift of eating them first, savoring every luscious morsel, and then eating the other food until you are full?

We are creatures of habit, but if you think of each little lifestyle change as a gift to your beautiful self, you’ll look forward to it. What kind of exercise does your body want to do?  If nothing comes to mind, just start walking. But wait — we can make it better — what have you been too busy to do lately? If you are walking on the treadmill, why not catch up on whatever guilty pleasure TV show you’ve been missing? On the treadmill, there’s no guilt allowed! This is a gift to yourself, remember? How about podcasts? Audiobooks? These can go anywhere for you outdoorsy types. Giving yourself permission to enjoy exercise for the gift that it is will have you chomping at the bit to get back to it the next day. As you become more fit, you can augment the workouts accordingly. By then you will have noticed exponential rewards for all your hard work including better sleep, fewer mood swings, fewer aches and pains, and looking good in those skinny jeans! This is your “believe it when you see it” proof.

To stay motivated, think about your own psychology. Do you need a group around you to motivate [shame] you into showing up for workout? Do you really cherish alone time and you’d rather walk in the park all by yourself? Do you get tired of eating salads all the time when you try to lose weight? How about fresh collards lightly sauteed with chick peas or white beans and Vidalia onions? Are you crazy about garlic? kalamata olives? sun dried tomatoes? capers?  a little goes a long way with these flavor-dense nuggets, so indulge! What’s your favorite? Set yourself up to succeed, choosing lifestyle changes that will be sustainable. I’m not talking about a temporary diet. I’m talking about changing your life — for the better!

At Atlanta Functional Medicine, we understand the dramatic, measurable improvements in health that can occur from adding a few healthy habits to one’s lifestyle. We are happy to introduce a new FirstLine Therapy seminar on weight loss called Healthy Transformations! this link will take you to the invitation where you can find out more:


This medical seminar is clinically directed and utilizes proven methods for stoking our stalled metabolisms. Folks are already signing up, so check it out. You owe it to yourself to find your healthiest self!

by Cheryl Salinas

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