Naturopathic Medicine in Atlanta

Now, more than ever before, patients are opting to include alternative therapies in their healthcare. Naturopathy, like other holistic therapies, is mindful of multiple systems within the body, and utilizes remedies found in nature, which are often more easily assimilated into the body, and are without the harmful side effects of some pharmaceuticals.While acute care medicine has its place, there is evidence that overall health can be better maintained through more natural means, including natural remedies, diet, nutrition and stress management.

Dr. Sonza Curtis is a Naturopathic Doctor at Atlanta Functional Medicine in Alpharetta, GA. Her focus is on combining her experience in traditional medicine with naturopathic medicine to help patients achieve total wellness.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?
  • About Naturopathy

    Naturopathic Medicine: Utilizing Nature's Cures to Restore Health

    Naturopathic medicine seeks to prevent and treat illness through natural therapies. A naturopathic treatment plan requires a comprehensive diagnosis and serves the patient's specific needs and goals.

    The body has inherent healing processes already in place unless an imbalance in the system blocks them. A naturopathic doctor discovers what may be blocking these processes and supports their proper function in order to achieve optimal health for the patient. This is accomplished through:

    • Diagnosis - We diagnose the underlying cause for chronic or acute conditions. We utilize advanced clinical and laboratory diagnostic methods.
    • Treatment and Care - Natural therapies and holistic substances are used in Naturopathy which work in harmony with a person's innate natural healing abilities. Treatment may include:  acupuncture, botanical medicine, diet and nutritional counseling, group therapy, homeopathy, minor procedures and more.
    • Prevention - Many chronic conditions can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This includes a sensible diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation when needed and management of stress.