— Meet Dr. Linda Lee —

Dr. Linda Lee, MD, IMFCP

Dr. Linda Lee is a board certified Family Physician who has a passion for Functional Medicine. After practicing conventional medicine for many years, Dr. Lee became dissatisfied with the Band-Aid, symptomatic-pill dispensing approach to people’s health that conventional medicine provides and wanted to delve deeper into the root cause of her patient’s medical problems.

This focus became even more intense when Dr. Lee’s daughter developed Lupus and was told there was nothing that could be done to prevent the debilitating Lupus flairs except to give powerful immune modulating drugs whenever flairs occurred. This launched Dr. Lee on her journey of learning how to optimize a patient’s immune system, quell inflammation naturally, and potentially reverse some of these complex autoimmune effects. She was successful in helping her daughter achieve remission without the use of drugs for over 10 years.

Because of Dr. Lee’s experience with her daughter’s Lupus she has special interests in helping people who have autoimmune disorders. Some of her other areas of expertise are gastrointestinal disorders, prevention and reversal of diabetes, prediabetes and Polycystic Ovarian disease. She also has had great success in helping patients lose weight using fasting regimens. Though these are just some of her special interests, Dr. Lee is trained to treat most conditions from an Integrative perspective.


She feels it has been a great asset to be trained in both conventional medicine as well as Functional Medicine, bringing the best of both worlds to leverage the best possible care for her patients.

Dr. Lee looks forward to helping alleviate the suffering many patients have endured dealing with chronic illness and not having satisfying options. You will love her warm, personal caring personality as well as her medical expertise from a fresh new perspective.


  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Board Certification Family Medicine
  • Intensive Dietary Management (fasting for weight loss and diabetes reversal): Mentored by Dr. Jason Fung
  • Bredesen Protocol (prevention and reversal of cognitive decline): trained by Dr. Dale Bredesen.
  • Renewing the Aging Brain: Dr. Datis Kharrazian
  • Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine
  • American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Training


  • Family Medicine Residency: St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center -Syracuse NY
  • Medical School SUNY Upstate Medical, Syracuse NY
  • Indiana University BA double major in Chemistry and Biology, Magna Cum Laude and
    Phi Beta Kappa


  • New York State Medical License and Georgia Composite Medical Board

Personal Life: In her spare time Dr. Lee participates in medical missions, sings in her church choir, plays Alta tennis and loves to spend time with her family.











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