All Things New: 2016

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At Atlanta Functional Medicine we love the New Year because it is a time of renewed hope when we can encourage our patients to start fresh and have a new start to achieve optimal health.

It is also a time when we like to announce some exciting and new programs that we have added to our practice to benefit our patients.

One of the foundations of holistic treatment here at AFM is nutrition and a proper diet.  Truly, we believe that “food is medicine”, therefore we have decided to offer our patients some remarkable nutrition plans and support programs.

New for 2016

  1. Boston Heart Comprehensive Labs and Lifestyle program:

This program is a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that is based on your Boston heart Lab results and information, to create a customized, scientifically designed nutrient and lifestyle plan. This comprehensive program helps lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Participation in this plan also includes a personal nutritionist/health coach to support you and help you to reach your health goals.


  1. Atlanta Functional Medicine Lifestyle website:

This is a program that gives our patients daily support with tips, meal plans and recipes on the various diets that we may recommend for you, such as the Elimination Diet, Anti-candida Diet, Paleo diet, Detox diets, and various weight loss diets.


Whether you are brand new to Atlanta Functional Medicine or one of our existing patients, give us a call to schedule a visit to find out how you can take advantage of these wonderful new support programs.


Here’s to your health in the New Year!

Atlanta Functional Medicine

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