Why I Like Acupuncture

sunriseWhen tending to our health, we come with entrenched belief systems based upon education, experience, cultural norms and the influence of people we trust. Many of us are dubious of “alternative” methods of healing. At Atlanta Functional Medicine, practitioners employ the science of mainstream medicine as well as complimentary alternative approaches to achieve the optimal outcome.

One of many treatments available to you at Atlanta Functional Medicine is acupuncture. The doctors are more qualified to explain how acupuncture works, but as a patient, my understanding is that acupuncture taps into meridians throughout our bodies. Meridians are pathways for “chi” or our life force energy. Optimally, our chi flows unimpeded, supporting our bodies’ systems: nervous, vascular, digestive, etcetera. Many maladies can be alleviated by clearing a “blockage” in the flow of our chi. Acupuncture accomplishes this clearing by manipulating the flow.

This sounds like a lot of hocus pocus for some of you, but it would be good to remember that our Western medical culture is very young compared to that of the East. People were being healed with acupuncture literally thousands of years before we figured out during World War I that fewer people would die of infection if surgeons washed their hands. Over the thousands of years that acupuncture has been practiced, there has been ample opportunity to learn by trial and error what really works in its application. In the 21st century, we are the lucky beneficiaries of these eons of study.

So that’s why I felt comfortable receiving acupuncture. The reason I will keep coming back is because it really works! Dr. Board at AFM is so well trained in this modality that I could hardly feel the tiny needles. The flow of energy was palpable and fascinating. I could tell something was happening. Dr. Board’s calm, soothing demeanor was like a dose of therapy. During the treatment, I could really tell that her focus was fully upon me, and she was healing as much with her empathy and compassion as with her medical expertise. I think I’ll make another appointment right now!
by Cheryl Salinas

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Notice

If you think you have been exposed to COVID‑19 and develop a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we ask our patients to watch Dr. Elizabeth Board's "PSA about COVID-19" video. For more information aout COVID-19, please follow the link.