The Bredesen Protocol

Dr. Lee and Dr. Board are both certified in the Bredesen’s protocol for treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This protocol is meant to slow the progression of the disease in individuals who are in the early stages of cognitive decline. The protocol includes hormone testing, nutritional testing, APOE testing, MARCONS, and several of the testing Dr. Dale Bredesen recommends.

The Bredesen Package: $800.00


  • 2 hour initial consultation with the doctor
  • 1 hour initial consultation with the health coach to go over the keto-flex diet
  • Three 30 minute follow ups with the health coach
  • Majority of testing that Dr. Bredesen recommends will be covered by Medicare Primary Insurance

Follow up appointments with the doctor will be billed separately:

  • The first follow up appointment will be between 1 to 1.5 hours long: $360-$540
  • Future follow up appointments will be billed in 5 minute increments, where every 5 minutes is $30

Follow ups can be done over the phone as well. For more information, visit:

Call the office at 770-667-3006 to schedule an appointment