— Gina Ditta-Donahue —

Gina Ditta-Donahue, FNP-C, ABAAHP

My favorite question has always been “why?” I originally earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology because I wanted to understand how things work in the living world. While in college I also became fascinated with Psychology and earned a minor in this subject. These two early loves of mine were a perfect fit for jumping into Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.

Before I became a Family Nurse Practitioner, I worked as a registered nurse for 21 years in various settings. The more experience I gained working with people of all ages, the more I realized how much they were being failed by conventional medicine. It saddened me that there was no emphasis placed on relationship centered care, rooted in understanding individuals as unique beings with their own life stories and circumstances which impact their health.

As a Nurse Practitioner I have worked in Gastroenterology, Family Practice & Aesthetics. Although I have always practiced from a holistic perspective, completing the fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine really helped me learn how to tie everything together. My passion is to truly listen to my patients and form a partnership so together we can get to the root cause of their issues.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Notice

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