Patient Testimonials


Dr. Board explains everything in depth, and is very knowledgeable. She takes all symptoms into account, so she can gather a complete picture of any and all health issues. I had been seen at the Mayo Clinic where they conducted 8 days of testing – still no answers. However, with Dr. Board, I followed her recommended diet and detox protocol, and took my recommended supplements religiously. Within 10 days, I started to feel like myself again, including increased energy and decreased brain fog! SO GRATEFUL!!

Audra J

I have struggled with severe chronic hives and autoimmune issues almost my entire life. After seeing countless doctors who turned me away, and told me that there was nothing they could do to help me, I felt like giving up on ever being and feeling healthy. I viewed my first visit with Dr. Board as my last resort. I’m so happy that I found her! She has literally changed my life! Within just one visit, I was able to reduce my medication intake by 50% (half), and I keep getting better every day! She is truly an amazing doctor and person as a whole.

Marian S

Dr. Elizabeth Board is an exceptionally gifted physician with exemplary character. As her patient, I find Dr. Board’s bedside manner second-to-none. Her gentle disposition and extraordinary generosity of spirit underscore her genuine concern for patients. Dr. Board works diligently and patiently with me, ensuring that no aspect of my health slips through the cracks. I’m especially impressed with how elaborate her evaluations are, and how well she utilizes acquired information to assess and diagnose correctly. With intelligence, maturity, and good judgement, she systematically prescribes proactive plans to foster my journey towards optimal health. Moreover, although Dr. Board has a distinguished vitae and many accolades from peers in the medical community, her commitment to further learning is remarkable. I’m so thankful to know that my doctor is indefatigable in her efforts to stay on the curing edge. I recommend Dr. Board wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to achieve long-term health, and this is putting it mildly! Indeed, as a result of my good experience with Dr. board, I have encouraged both my immediate and extended family members to trust and be cared for by Dr. Board as well. Thankfully, they all are her patients now too, including my opinionated father who pays no false compliments, and was very much impressed and amazed with Dr. Board’s ability and character.

Danielle C

I am very pleased with the treatment prescribed by Dr. Elizabeth Board for my osteoporosis! I went to Dr. Board with osteoporosis in the hip (I was 63), hoping that a more holistic approach would build my health as well as my bones. Within 18 months my condition was reversed! My latest bone density test showed no osteoporosis! With the added vitamins, minerals, and oil, my latest physical is also very good. I feel healthy, and my immune system is strong.

I couldn’t be more satisfied. This treatment was just right for me, and it brought the results I was hoping for.

Kathleen F

I am so thankful that my friend referred me to AFM. I feel better than I have in 10 years! Dr. Curtis and everyone is so nice and helpful. They exemplify exceptional customer service and team work.

Dawn G

Because of AFM’s above-and-beyond service and care, I have nearly cured my condition, and am able to function as a healthy and happy human being! I am so thankful for what AFM has done for me, and I will continue to recommend them to everyone I know. Everyone from the Front Desk to the Nurse to the Physicians are exceptional!

Edie E.

I was suffering from severe abdominal pains – as if I was being stabbed repeatedly with a huge knife.  Really, I was bent over in pain. I tried ant-acids, muscle relaxers (natural), anything I could find, and nothing was helping.  Dr. Board suggested acupuncture and I was ready to try anything.  She did her acupuncture thing and within 10 minutes, all my pain was gone.  It was amazing!  I could walk upright again!!! I am not sure how it all works and the why & how does not really matter.  What matters is Dr. Board cured me!! She has a special gift and knows exactly what to do! I am willing to try acupuncture for anything now! Edie E.

Vicki S.

It has been such a pleasure over the years to be cared for by Atlanta Functional Medicine. The staff has been knowledgeable and thorough in my treatment. They have helped me find a way to live a more comfortable and peaceful life. When I first came to the clinic I was at a dead end in prescribed treatments from previous clinics who had not solved or taken care of my biggest concerns. I believe it is the balance of treatment options presented by qualified, caring doctors and staff that affords me freedom from pain to lead a more productive life. Thank you Atlanta Functional Medicine for being there for me.”

Thank you,

Vicki S.

Leah E.

Going into the Mind Body Class I was not sure what to expect but right away felt comfortable and not judged. Linda is a compassionate and attentive person and is truly blessed with a gift. This class has equipped me with additional effective coping skills in managing my stress and anxiety that will last a lifetime. I am very grateful.

Cheryl S.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Healing Touch. Linda, the practitioner, really knows what she’s doing. I found the experience to be surprisingly palpable. I could feel the energy moving through its meridians in much the same way it does during acupuncture. I was surprised by a welling up of emotion at one point, and had the impression that the moving energy had released a “block” that had formed as a result of the stresses and challenges we all face in life. With the energy again flowing freely, I was left with a deep sense of peace and contentment. Besides the practical energetic benefits, Linda’s compassionate manner left me with a sense of having been cared for. Thanks, Linda!

Rachel N.

“The Mind-Body Skills group that I participated in at Atlanta Functional Medicine was a wonderful experience for me. It improved my sense of well being both physically and emotionally. The class gave me an opportunity to learn new techniques for meditation and relaxation, and it was a safe place to discuss my progress with the techniques that I learned. I met some very nice people, both participants in the group, and people who work with Atlanta Functional Medicine, who genuinely cared about my thoughts and experiences while in the group.  I definitely recommend this group to anyone, especially people experiencing anxiety, depression, or chronic illness. I continue to use the techniques I learned in this class throughout my day, and I feel more calm and happy, overall.”

Sharrie M.

When I signed up for the Mind-Body Skills group at Atlanta Functional Medicine, I wanted to learn a few stress reduction techniques.  Little did I realize at the time what a life changing experience the class would turn out to be.  Through her vast knowledge and personal experience examples, Linda was able to teach our group numerous techniques that were easy to incorporate into every day living.  Linda created a safe environment where everyone was able to be open and share his or her innermost feelings, which lead to a lot of healing. She gave us permission to be authentic.  Linda has a unique ability to incorporate empathetic understanding and compassionate listening.  Thank you, Linda, for your gifts of wisdom.  The positive changes I was able to make in my life will last a lifetime.

John M.

There is simply no better place I know of to get such wonderful holistic type care and advice! They truly know their stuff!

Linda H.

I recently fell and fractured one of my lumbar vertebrae eventually requiring a vertebroplasty.  Through the use of mind body medicine and Dr. Board’s natural supplements and regular treatments of acupuncture, I am now recovering rapidly without the use of opiates or pharmaceuticals.

Ginny K.

I have suffered from a litany of chronic problems all my life, from low back pain and arthritis, to complications from previous surgeries. I visited numerous traditional doctors and specialists to be left with no answers to my pain issues, which resulted in intense anxiety and depression. Atlanta Functional Medicine is different. Their whole body approach addressed not only my pain, but the emotional toil that resulted from years of dismissal from conventional doctors.

Dr. Board listened patiently to all my complaints and assisted me with a plan for relief with conventional and alternative methods. Dr. Blewett mapped out a detailed nutritional plan that started me on my way to better health. Linda Hall has been there for me day or night to answer my questions and keep me on track.

Most recently, Linda introduced me to Healing Touch Therapy. In one session, she helped me reduce my anxiety and stress and create an intense sense of well being. I had recently endured three epidural injections for my back pain with limited success, but one Healing Touch session helped reduce my pain. The therapy assisted me in balancing my spiritual, emotional and physical well being, which I believe is critical to healing, something that is sorely lacking in traditional medicine.

The wonderful caregivers at Atlanta Functional Medicine have one more for me in a short period of time than all my other doctors combined after years of treatment. I highly recommend this practice.

Michele F.

I found Dr. Board to be an extremely good listener and she seems to think “out of the box”. She diagnosed my lower back pain and I had only one acupuncture session. During the first week, I didn’t experience any relief of the pain HOWEVER all of a sudden, the pain subsided for a period of almost five months! I had an acupuncture treatment with her that was my first and I couldn’t believe the difference!

Dr. Board is a kind doctor who really listens and cares. I have referred all of my friends who are experiencing pain and have even purchased a gift certificate for another friend who I want to experience Dr. Board’s method of pain management.

Lisa C.

After five years of suffering with the effects of sepsis, I have finally found the answer to my prayers.

Prior to visiting Dr. Board, I had been to multiple “traditional” doctor office visits, had expensive tests and hospitalizations with no solution offered to help with the diarrhea, lethargy, hypertension, and severe abdominal/back pain that limited my activity and quality of life.

After one consult with Atlanta Functional Medicine, I was offered a common sense solution that other doctors hadn’t discussed. A “treatment” in the form of 1. a powder food that provided my body with only vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which gave my body the ability to heal itself and 2. a diet free of any allergenic foods!

I can honestly say that within just two days, I noticed a change in my energy level; I had decreasesd pain, NO diarrhea, and increased mental acutity. After a month, my blood pressure is within normal limits. I have begun bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and now, no hot-flashes. I also started acupuncture and I never dreamed that my pain would be so drastically minimized.

The Atlanta Functional Medicine staff are very helpful and assist with any questions I have. They even call to ask how I’m doing! The atmosphere in the office is very calming, yet extremely professional. I have and will continue to recommended Dr. Board to my friends and family which indicates the level of happiness I am experiencing with my care.


The Mind Body Group gave me the essential tools to manage my stress levels a whole lot better. Attending the Mind Body Group sessions were a significant eight weeks of my life. I feel really blessed!!


I have never, ever felt so cared for and loved in a doctor’s office. Everyone has a special way of making me feel special and that you really care about my health and well-being. Thank you for being so wonderful.